confezioni gierre s.a.s.

Confezioni Gierre has been in business since 1950.

Its production facility is in Armeno, a town in the Province of Novara set amid the beautiful lakes of the area.

Run from the outset by a family that has elevated its commitment to the company to a life value, Gierre’s core business has always centred on the manufacture of mid- and high-range women’s clothing with particular emphasis on topwear (dresses, skirts, tops, blouses, trousers) using fabrics that range from gossamer-light to heavier grades that are expertly cut, assembled, ironed and especially hand-processed.

Confezioni Gierre has worked with many prestige Italian and foreign brands carrying out the entire production process in-company to provide complete assurance of Italian-made quality.

Today, alongside its cardinal values, the company not only continues to co-operate successfully with major Italian brand names but also strives towards innovation in pursuit of alternative, avant-garde projects.


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